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Solar Thermal Systems

How it Works

How a solar thermal system works

  • Sunlight falls on the thermal panels on your roof and heats the fluid inside.
  • If the fluid gets hotter than your hot water tank it is pumped in to heat your hot water.
  • During the summer months your water heating boiler may never need to come on.

Hot Water from the Sun

Sunny Future Solar supply and install solar thermal (hot water) systems from leading UK and German manufacturers.

Our systems are designed specifically for your home and your circumstances and usually involve the replacement of your existing hot water cylinder. The new cylinder we fit is normally slightly larger than the existing cylinder as this allows you to benefit more from the free energy from the sun.

We usually mount flat plate solar collectors, which absorb indirect solar radiation as well as sunlight, on your roof. Insulated pipe work is then run from the collectors via a solar pump station to a coil in the bottom of the new cylinder. Sensors on the collectors and the cylinder monitor the temperatures and when the collector is hotter than the cylinder the pump starts and the heat energy is transferred to the water in the cylinder. If there hasn't been enough sun or you've used a lot of hot water during the day your boiler or immersion heater will provide any extra heat needed.

The collectors absorb indirect solar radiation not just sunlight.

A solar thermal system from Sunny Future Solar can provide 50-60% of your annual domestic hot water requirements.

This will reduce CO2 emissions, which is of positive benefit to the environment.

Our systems are efficient, durable and stylish and will add value to your property.

Our Solar Thermal Systems can be installed alongside our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems which generate electricity from sunlight.

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