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Is My Property Suitable?

Solar panels can be mounted on most buildings either vertically, horizontally or at any angle between.

You will get the most benefit from free solar energy if your panels are mounted facing as near to due south as possible and at an angle between 30 – 40 degrees, but any variation between east and west will still generate a high level of solar energy, and flat roofs can be extremely productive too.

Solar Panel Site Survey

The best way to find out if solar panels will be beneficial for you is for us to carry out a site survey. One of our trained installers will visit your property and assess its suitability for a solar photovoltaic and/or thermal installation. We will then prepare a quotation for you on the basis of that assessment and this will include a sheet detailing the anticipated level of generation per year, according to Government guidelines and the resulting feed-in tariff payments that this would provide if applicable.

Please note that you will receive your quotation by post or e-mail if you prefer and

  • The engineer carrying out the initial assessment will not expect you to make a decision or any payment on the day.
  • You will be free to decide in your own time if you wish to take up the quotation, which will normally be valid for 30 days and you will be given instructions as to how to do that.
  • We would ask though that you provide us with some feedback regarding the quotation within 14 days of receipt so that we can ensure that we are doing our best for you, our customer.

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