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Welcome to a Solar Future

NEWImmerSUN’ Energy Management Device

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Let solar make you smile

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There will never be a better time to install PV

With PV prices at an all time low NOW is the ideal time to invest in your future energy security. By installing a solar photovoltaic system on your home, you will become a micro-generator of electricity. This energy is fed from your roof into your electrical system via an inverter and a generation meter. If you are in while it is being produced, then you will be using it directly when you boil the kettle or browse the web. If you're not in, this clean energy will be sent into the National Grid.

Not only do you get FREE electricity you earn too… Feed In Tariffs (FiTs) are still payable for all PV systems – 20 years of income, index-linked.


  • You reduce your energy bills by using some of the power you generate directly into your home.
  • You earn money for every unit of energy you produce and for each unit you send to the Grid.
  • You use the magic of "common sense" to build a safe environment for you, your children and future generations. They will be thankful for your decision.

That's a win, win, win situation!

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